Real-time Energy Monitoring

  • Hesco Consulting Services has partnered with energy monitoring suppliers to provide real-time energy monitoring equipment.
  • The energy consumption monitoring can do the following:
  • Provide higher-quality, more detailed information on a more frequent basis.
  • Capable of analyzing the information received and act on the parameters available to correct possible dysfunctions.


  • The energy monitoring will record data continuously as well as show trends and allow comparison of curves between similar machines, operators, shifts etc, thus making it possible to identify areas of potential improvement in terms of the type of installation and usage habits.
  • This energy monitoring equipment supplied by Hesco Consulting Services are capable of:
  • Performing continuous remote monitoring of electricity and other energy consumption of any equipment or plant run by the company.
  • Creating an information-gathering tool that can be viewed via internet, and use it to generate consumption graphs by periods, comparisons between machines, shifts, operators, triggering alarms, etc.
  • Providing managers with energy demands that can assist in proposing and implementing low-cost energy saving measures.
  • Helping and guiding managers in acquiring equipment and designing properties, using criteria based on energy efficiency and use.
  • Aim of the energy monitoring equipment:
  • Accurate information about instant electricity and energy consumption at the lowest possible cost
  • Provide easy-manageable energy monitoring systems
  • The equipment includes:
  • Development and installation of consumption-measuring systems connected via the Internet to the central data collector;
  • Application and assessment of low-cost measures;
  • Creation of a company guide to procuring equipment and designing machines using energy criteria;
  • Establishment of a programme of dissemination of results.