Business services

Process Improvement

A. Business Systems’ Set-up

  • We provide a complete step-by-step guidelines and materials for organizational system set-up
  • Process Mapping & Documentation, Operational planning, staffing analysis, roles and structures, employee performance management.
  • Organizational Structure and Operational System with focus on addressing internal priorities. 

B. Projects Implementation

  • Projects help grow businesses and improve their operations.
  • Hesco helps organizations from projects’ design, execution, monitoring and evaluation.

C. Business Systems’ Automation

  • We provide companies with a fully operational software that runs their business processes, Quality, EHS.
  • Level of automation covers documentation, process analytics, performance monitoring, among others.

D. Human Resources & Training

  • NITA Registered to offer Trainings
  • Labour Services
  • Staff recruitment & development,
  • Coaching & Mentorship,
  • Staff satisfaction surveys,
  • Staff Development & Motivation.

ISO MS Consultancy

  • We Offer consultancy for all ISO Management Systems’ implementation.
  • ISO, the International Organization for Standardization, develops International Standards in an open, impartial and consensus-based process.
  • ISO standards help break down barriers to international trade, which facilitates global exchange and promotes sustainable growth.

  • Good systems need recognition and publicity in order to attract customers, hence ISO certifications.

  • We offer clients a full package approach leading to certification to any ISO standard of their choice

Compliance Services

  • Hesco is a registered firm of experts with Directorate of Occupational Health and Safety Services (DOSHS), National Environmental Management Authority (NEMA), Energy Regulatory Commission (ERC).
  • We help register organizations with DOSHS, Conduct Fire Safety Audits, OHS Audits, Risk Assessments that are approved by DOSHS.

  • We conduct Environment Impact Assessments, Environmental Audits and submit to NEMA for licensing.

  • Hesco conducts Energy Audits for premises are required by EPRA to help identify opportunities to reduce energy consumption.

Energy Solutions

Energy Audit

  • Licensed Energy Auditing Firm
  • Licensed Energy Auditors
  • Energy Audits
  • Energy Management Implementation
  • Training & Consultancy

Energy Management

  • Energy conservation and management services
  • Optimize energy usage and reduce power consumption.
  • Help build sustainable, socially responsible organizations
  • Educate and assist decision makers in energy-saving strategies

Automated Meter Reading

  • Automated energy metering with remote sensing
  • Collection of real-time energy consumption data and avail it to users in any platform or media – phones, laptops PCs.
  • Enable quicker decision making

Environment Services

Waste Water Recycling

  • Control water expenses by recycling as much as possible.
  • Hesco is a reliable partner is solving all waste water recycling needs

Effluent Treatment Plans

  • Effluent is a nuisance to our environment
  • Hesco will help you treat your effluent to levels that meet NEMA requirements and saves you money.

Agribusiness Services

We offer the following Agribusiness support services

1.Agricultural extension services

2.Farm establishment

3.Trainings – Global standards for food safety, KS 1758 – Horticulture industry code of practice, Globalgap

4.On farm extension services

5.Sales and Marketing

6.Supply chain management

7.Business plan development

8.inventory management