Compliance Solutions

Compliance Audits under DOSHS

Hesco Consulting Services is well versed in the areas of occupational health and safety management systems. It has a team of qualified OSHA lead auditors who have carried out numerous audits that meet requirements of DOSHS.

DOSHS is the administrator of OSHA Act 2007, which requires that:

  • All work places must be registered with DOSHS.
  • Before registration the following must be carried out: Risk Assessment, Fire Safety Audits, OHS Audits
  • These can only be done by licensed officers.
  • Hesco has two licensed officers for this activity.

Other than being legally required, it will also assist the company with having a healthy worker in a safe environment.

Hesco has in its employment, licensed DOSHS assessors and auditors.


Environment Impact Assessments and Environment Audits

Hesco Consulting Services Ltd offers Environmental Assessment Services to companies and individuals with projects that have impact on the environment. Hesco Consulting Services Limited’s staff are registered with NEMA to provide environmental audit and impact assessment services. These services include:

Environment Impact Assessment that meets the requirements of EMCA 1999 and NEMA for all projects classified as having environment impact

Assisting companies and individuals achieve registration and approval of their projects with NEMA.

Carry out statutory environmental audits for companies within the stipulated frequencies and have these audits accepted by NEMA.


Training of companies and individuals on EMCA 1999 and NEMA regulations so that they can meet their requirements during implementation of projects.


Designing of environmental management programs for companies and monitoring their implementation to help them protect the environment as they implement their projects.


Energy Audits under ERC

An energy audit assesses and analyses energy flows to aid in energy conservation in a building, process or system by identifying opportunities to reduce the amount of energy input into the system without negatively affecting the output(s).

The Energy Act 2006 stipulates that “The owner or occupier shall cause an energy audit of the facility to be undertaken by a licensed energy auditor at least once every three years”. It stipulates further that “Every designated facility shall submit an annual implementation report as provided in the Fourth Schedule (of the Act)”.

Hesco Consulting Services Ltd is a registered energy auditing firm with Energy Regulatory Commission and also has a team of registered energy auditors who carry out energy audits and report in the approved formats. They also provide recommendations for decreasing the rate of energy usage.