Energy Solutions

An energy audit assesses and analyses energy flows to aid in energy conservation in a building, process or system by identifying opportunities to reduce the amount of energy input into the system without negatively affecting the output(s).

The Energy Act 2006 stipulates that “The owner or occupier shall cause an energy audit of the facility to be undertaken by a licensed energy auditor at least once every three years”. It stipulates further that “Every designated facility shall submit an annual implementation report as provided in the Fourth Schedule (of the Act)”.

Hesco Consulting Services Ltd has a team of registered energy auditors who carry out energy audits and report in the approved formats. They also provide recommendations for decreasing the rate energy usage.

Advantages of conducting energy audits

An energy audit is a fundamental first step toward significantly reducing energy usage and costs. A comprehensive energy audit provides a big picture overview of your energy usage and aids it mapping out.

This is effective for reducing utility bills because sources of energy losses are located with precision so they can be eradicated cost-effectively.

Other benefits include:

  1. Energy efficiency and comfort go hand in hand. Improving your energy usage by air sealing and increasing insulation; installing window films and shades and radiant barriers, and high-efficiency heating and cooling systems mean a more comfortable working environment for a lower operating cost.
  2. Better health – Poor indoor air quality can cause serious long term health problems. Identifying problems with ventilation may improve this.

We also offer training on energy management. This training includes

  1. Energy Management Essentials
  2. Advanced Energy Management Training