Industrial Effluent Treatment Plants

  •  HESCO Consulting Services offers a wide range of industrial effluent treatment plants for application in paint shop, diaries, paper mills, oil refineries, leather industry, glass factories, chemical and processing industries etc. as well as domestic effluent treatments
  •  These effluent treatment plants are designed to provide a pollution free working environment and recycle the water for other applications. All the effluent treatment plants strictly comply with the design specifications laid down by the National
  • Environment Management Authority (NEMA
  • The effluent treatment plants involve different stages of treatment including physio chemical treatment and biological treatment followed by tertiary treatment.
  •  The final treated waste water will meet the requirements of the clients as well as Water Quality Standards.


Waste water treatment Plants

  • Hesco also treats waste from households or domestic waste. The process involves removing the solids, then digesting them using bacteria.
  • The end product is water and natural gas. The waste water undergoes several stages of purification and disinfection, then distribution.
  •  Sewage water treatment systems provide effective solutions to sewage odor control, BOD reduction, aeration, clarification, phosphorous and nitrogen removal and more. 

Biogas Systems

  •  Hesco installs biogas generating systems for clients who would wish to transform their waste water into source of energy
  •  Biogas systems generate methane, which is a cooking gas. This can be used directly for cooking purposes, or used to generate electricity Bacterial degradation with oxygen produces carbon dioxide and water.

CxOyHz + x+z /4 y/2) O2 x CO2 + z/2 H20
Bacterial degradation without oxygen produces methane and carbon dioxide
CxOyHz (x y/2) CH4 + y/2 CO2 (+H20…)
It is the methane that now gets harvested to be used to generate energy.

Water treatment Plants
We also install water purification machinery that meet the quality standards and deliveries for the clients.

Hesco Consulting Services has conducted Environment and Social Impact assessments and Environmental Audits for the following companies:

Occupational Health and Safety Audits and Fire Safety Audits

Hesco Consulting Services has conducted OHS and Fire Safety Audits for the following companies
in the recent past:

Corporate Trainings

We have trained over 32 corporate entities on:

  • ISO 17025 Awareness Training,
  •  ISO 9001:2015
  • Awareness, 
  • Risk Assessment,
  •  Internal Auditing,
  •  HACCP Awareness, 
  • ISO 22000 & BRC
  • Issue 5 Auditors Training, 
  • OHS committee training
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